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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 5/6] can: usb: etas_es58X: add support for ETAS ES58X CAN USB interfaces
> > +	num_element =
> > + es58x_msg_num_element(es58x_dev->dev,
> > + bulk_rx_loopback_msg->rx_loopback_msg,
> > + msg_len);
> > + if (unlikely(num_element <= 0))
> > + return num_element;
> Meta-comment on your use of 'unlikely' everywhere. Please drop it, it's
> only to be used if you can actually measure the difference in a
> benchmark. You are dealing with USB devices, which are really really
> slow here. Also, humans make horrible guessers for this type of thing,
> the compiler and CPU can get this right much more often than we can, and
> we had the numbers for it (someone measured that 80-90% of our usages of
> these markings are actually wrong on modern cpus).
> So just drop them all, it makes the code simpler to read and understand,
> and the cpu can actually go faster.

All those branch on which the unlikely() macro were applied were
supposed to never been executed under normal circumstances. But I
indeed have no benchmark to claim such use.

Thank you for the detailed explanation, makes perfect sense. Each use
of the likely()/unlikely() macros will be removed in v3 revision.

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