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SubjectRe: [PATCH v12 00/22] mm/gup: prereqs to track dma-pinned pages: FOLL_PIN
On 1/7/20 2:45 PM, John Hubbard wrote:
> Hi,
> The "track FOLL_PIN pages" would have been the very next patch, but it is
> not included here because I'm still debugging a bug report from Leon.
> Let's get all of the prerequisite work (it's been reviewed) into the tree
> so that future reviews are easier. It's clear that any fixes that are
> required to the tracking patch, won't affect these patches here.
> This implements an API naming change (put_user_page*() -->
> unpin_user_page*()), and also adds FOLL_PIN page support, up to
> *but not including* actually tracking FOLL_PIN pages. It extends
> the FOLL_PIN support to a few select subsystems. More subsystems will
> be added in follow up work.

Hi Andrew and all,

To clarify: I'm hoping that this series can go into 5.6.

Meanwhile, I'm working on tracking down and solving the problem that Leon
reported, in the "track FOLL_PIN pages" patch, and that patch is not part of
this series.

John Hubbard

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