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SubjectRe: [resend v1 5/5] drivers/scsi/sd.c: Convert to use disk_set_capacity


>> We already emit an SDEV_EVT_CAPACITY_CHANGE_REPORTED event if device
>> capacity changes. However, this event does not automatically cause
>> revalidation.
> Who is looking at these sdev specific events? (And who is looking
> at the virtio/xenblk ones?) It makes a lot of sense to have one event
> supported by all devices. But don't ask me which one would be the best..

Users typically have site-specific udev rules or similar. There is no
standard entity handling these events. Sadly.

I'm all for standardizing on RESIZE=1. However, we can't really get rid
of the emitting existing SDEV* event without breaking existing setups.

Martin K. Petersen Oracle Linux Engineering

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