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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fs: inode: Reduce volatile inode wraparound risk when ino_t is 64 bit
J. Bruce Fields writes:
>I thought that (dev, inum) was supposed to be unique from creation to
>last unlink (and last close), and (dev, inum, generation) was supposed
>to be unique for all time.

Sure, but I mean, we don't really protect against even the first case.

>> I didn't mention generation because, even though it's set on tmpfs
>> (to prandom_u32()), it's not possible to evaluate it from userspace
>> since `ioctl` returns ENOTTY. We can't ask userspace applications to
>> introspect on an inode attribute that they can't even access :-)
>Is there any reason not to add IOC_GETVERSION support to tmpfs?
>I wonder if statx should return it too?

We can, but that seems like a tangential discussion/patch series. For the
second case especially, that's something we should do separately from this
patchset, since this demonstrably fixes issues encountered in production, and
extending a user-facing APIs is likely to be a much more extensive discussion.

(Also, this one in particular has advanced quite a lot since this v1 patch :-))

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