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Subjectpcie: xilinx: kernel hang - ISR readl()

I have module with Xilinx FPGA. It implements UART(s), SPI(s),
parallel I/O and interfaces them to the Host CPU via PCI Express bus.
I see that my system freezes without capturing the crash dump for
certain tests. I debugged this issue and it was tracked down to the
below mentioned interrupt handler code.

In ISR, first reads the Interrupt Status register using ‘readl()’ as
given below.
status = readl(ctrl->reg + INT_STATUS);

And then clears the pending interrupts using ‘writel()’ as given blow.
writel(status, ctrl->reg + INT_STATUS);

I've noticed a kernel hang if INT_STATUS register read again after
clearing the pending interrupts.

Can someone clarify me why the kernel hangs without crash dump incase
if I read the INT_STATUS register using readl() after clearing the
pending bits?

Can readl() block?

Snippet of the ISR code is given blow:

static irqreturn_t pcie_isr(int irq, void *dev_id)


struct test_device *ctrl = data;

u32 status;

status = readl(ctrl->reg + INT_STATUS);


* Check to see if it was our interrupt


if (!(status & 0x000C))

return IRQ_NONE;

/* Clear the interrupt */

writel(status, ctrl->reg + INT_STATUS);

if (status & 0x0004) {


* Tx interrupt pending.




if (status & 0x0008) {

/* Rx interrupt Pending */

/* The system freezes if I read again the INT_STATUS
register as given below */

status = readl(ctrl->reg + INT_STATUS);






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