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SubjectRE: ftrace trace_raw_pipe format
After reading the code in kbuffer-parse.c I can now get a sequence of trace entries
with their timestamps.

I think there is a bug in the processing (skipping) of KBUFFER_TYPE_TIME_STAMP
in translate_data().
I assume a 64bit timestamp would follow, and 'data' should only be incremented
by 8 (not 12) as there is an increment by 4 earlier.
I'm pretty sure these are never generated - __next_event() doesn't loop.

It is ~impossible to match this parsing code to the generating code because none
of the constants are in a shared header file.

Back to my original problem:

I've a set of trace files that contain 4 4k blocks each.
The 4 blocks are in time order, but I think there is a big time discontinuity
between the first and second blocks.
The second block has both MISSED_EVENTS and MISSED_STORED set.
My suspicion is that the first block (partially filled) is the final block
from the previous trace and its presence is a bug.
So anything processing the trace must completely ignore the first
block (if the second reports MISSED_EVENTS).

The 4th block is also partial - which is what I expect.


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