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SubjectRe: [PATCH] riscv: change CSR M/S defines to use "X" for prefix
On Fri, 3 Jan 2020, Olof Johansson wrote:

> Sure, this does the job. I'd personally prefer consistent prefixes but
> that's just bikeshed color preferences -- this is fine.

Thanks for the ack. For what it's worth, we're in agreement that we
should prophylactically place RV_ prefixes on the rest of the CSR_ macro
names. I just would prefer that it's done outside the late -rc series,
since it's not technically a fix.

> (Builds are still failing for some configs, but will be fixed if/when
> you pick up

That one is on my radar - just haven't had a chance to review/test it
yet. Thanks for sending that one too!

- Paul

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