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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mwifiex: fix unbalanced locking in mwifiex_process_country_ie()
On Mon, Jan 6, 2020 at 2:43 PM Brian Norris <> wrote:
> We called rcu_read_lock(), so we need to call rcu_read_unlock() before
> we return.
> Fixes: 3d94a4a8373b ("mwifiex: fix possible heap overflow in mwifiex_process_country_ie()")
> Cc:
> Cc: huangwen <>
> Cc: Ganapathi Bhat <>
> Signed-off-by: Brian Norris <>

I probably should have mentioned somewhere here: the bug is currently
in 5.5-rc and is being ported to -stable already (I'll try to head
that off). So this probably should have said [PATCH 5.5]. Sorry about


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