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Subject[PATCH v3 net-next 0/1] Replace IDT with Renesas and improve version info.
From: Vincent Cheng <>

Replacing IDT with Renesas patches has been withdrawn.
This series reworks the version info displayed for the clockmatrix chip.

Apologize for the delayed response to Dec 20 feedback.
Corporate email server hiccup so email was not received.
Added more details to Patch 1/1 commit message to explain the change.

Fixes: 3a6ba7dc7799 ("ptp: Add a ptp clock driver for IDT ClockMatrix.")

Changes since v2:
- Add details to commit message for Patch 1 to provide
background information.

Changes since v1:
- Remove Patch 1/3 Add Replace idt with renesas in dt-bindings
- Remove Patch 2/3 Replaces IDT references with Renesas
- Patch 3/3 becomes patch 1/1

Vincent Cheng (1):
ptp: clockmatrix: Rework clockmatrix version information.

drivers/ptp/ptp_clockmatrix.c | 77 ++++++++-----------------------------------
1 file changed, 13 insertions(+), 64 deletions(-)


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