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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] Documentation: clarify limitations of hibernation
On Thu 26-12-19 14:02:04, Luigi Semenzato wrote:
> +Limitations of Hibernation
> +==========================
> +
> +When entering hibernation, the kernel tries to allocate a chunk of memory large
> +enough to contain a copy of all pages in use, to use it for the system
> +snapshot. If the allocation fails, the system cannot hibernate and the
> +operation fails with ENOMEM. This will happen, for instance, when the total
> +amount of anonymous pages (process data) exceeds 1/2 of total RAM.
> +
> +One possible workaround (besides terminating enough processes) is to force
> +excess anonymous pages out to swap before hibernating. This can be achieved
> +with memcgroups, by lowering memory usage limits with ``echo <new limit> >
> +/dev/cgroup/memory/<group>/memory.mem.usage_in_bytes``. However, the latter
> +operation is not guaranteed to succeed.

I am not familiar with the hibernation process much. But what prevents
those allocations to reclaim memory and push out the anonymous memory to
the swap on demand during the hibernation's allocations?
Michal Hocko

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