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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v1 0/5] Add Tegra driver for video capture
Hi Sowjanya,

On 1/28/20 7:23 PM, Sowjanya Komatineni wrote:
> This series adds Tegra210 VI and CSI driver for built-in test pattern
> generator (TPG) capture.
> Tegra210 supports max 6 channels on VI and 6 ports on CSI where each
> CSI port is one-to-one mapped to VI channel for video capture.
> This series has TPG support only where it creates hard media links
> between CSI subdevice and VI video device without device graphs.
> v4l2-compliance results are available below the patch diff.
> [v0]: Includes,
> - Adds CSI TPG clock to Tegra210 clock driver
> - Host1x video driver with VI and CSI clients.
> - Support for Tegra210 only.
> - VI CSI TPG support with hard media links in driver.
> - Video formats supported by Tegra210 VI
> - CSI TPG supported video formats

I'm trying to compile this patch series using the media_tree master
branch (, but it fails:

drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-channel.c: In function ‘tegra_channel_queue_setup’:
drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-channel.c:71:15: warning: unused variable ‘count’ [-Wunused-variable]
71 | unsigned int count = *nbuffers;
| ^~~~~
drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-channel.c: In function ‘tegra_channel_init’:
drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-channel.c:518:55: error: ‘struct host1x_client’ has no member named ‘host’
518 | struct tegra_camera *cam = dev_get_drvdata(vi->;
| ^
make[4]: *** [scripts/ drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-channel.o] Error 1
make[4]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-vi.c: In function ‘tegra_vi_tpg_graph_init’:
drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-vi.c:157:55: error: ‘struct host1x_client’ has no member named ‘host’
157 | struct tegra_camera *cam = dev_get_drvdata(vi->;
| ^
drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-vi.c: In function ‘tegra_vi_init’:
drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-csi.c: In function ‘tegra_csi_init’:
drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-vi.c:213:51: error: ‘struct host1x_client’ has no member named ‘host’
213 | struct tegra_camera *cam = dev_get_drvdata(client->host);
| ^~
drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-csi.c:259:51: error: ‘struct host1x_client’ has no member named ‘host’
259 | struct tegra_camera *cam = dev_get_drvdata(client->host);
| ^~
drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-vi.c: In function ‘tegra_vi_exit’:
drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-vi.c:246:51: error: ‘struct host1x_client’ has no member named ‘host’
246 | struct tegra_camera *cam = dev_get_drvdata(client->host);
| ^~
drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-csi.c: In function ‘tegra_csi_exit’:
drivers/staging/media/tegra/tegra-csi.c:286:51: error: ‘struct host1x_client’ has no member named ‘host’
286 | struct tegra_camera *cam = dev_get_drvdata(client->host);
| ^~

And indeed, struct host1x_client as defined in include/linux/host1x.h doesn't
have a 'host' field.

Does this series depend on another patch that's not yet in mainline?



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