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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 00/17] Restructure, improve target support for qcom_scm driver
On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 06:51:07PM +0000, Elliot Berman wrote:
> This series improves support for 32-bit Qualcomm targets on qcom_scm driver and cleans
> up the driver for 64-bit implementations.
> Currently, the qcom_scm driver supports only 64-bit Qualcomm targets and very
> old 32-bit Qualcomm targets. Newer 32-bit targets use ARM's SMC Calling
> Convention to communicate with secure world. Older 32-bit targets use a
> "buffer-based" legacy approach for communicating with secure world (as
> implemented in qcom_scm-32.c). All arm64 Qualcomm targets use ARM SMCCC.
> Currently, SMCCC-based communication is enabled only on ARM64 config and
> buffer-based communication only on ARM config. This patch-series combines SMCCC
> and legacy conventions and selects the correct convention by querying the secure
> world [1].
> We decided to take the opportunity as well to clean up the driver rather than
> try to patch together qcom_scm-32 and qcom_scm-64.
> Patches 1-3 and 15 improve macro names, reorder macros/functions, and prune unused
> macros/functions. No functional changes were introduced.
> Patches 4-8 clears up the SCM abstraction in qcom_scm-64.
> Patches 9-14 clears up the SCM abstraction in qcom_scm-32.
> Patches 16-17 enable dynamically using the different calling conventions.

I tested this whole series on arm32 (msm8974) and everything looks good
from my vantage point. Feel free to add my:

Tested-by: Brian Masney <> # arm32


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