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Subject[PATCH 0/6] imx-rngc - several small fixes
This is a set of small fixes for the imx-rngc driver.

I tried to clarify the approach for masking/unmasking the interrupt from
the rngc.

The rngc should be set to auto-seed mode, where it creates a new seed
when required.

In the probe function, we should check that the rng type is supported by
this driver.

Thanks for reviewing the patches,


Martin Kaiser (6):
hwrng: imx-rngc - fix an error path
hwrng: imx-rngc - use automatic seeding
hwrng: imx-rngc - use devres for registration
hwrng: imx-rngc - (trivial) simplify error prints
hwrng: imx-rngc - check the rng type
hwrng: imx-rngc - simplify interrupt mask/unmask

drivers/char/hw_random/imx-rngc.c | 89 ++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
1 file changed, 70 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)


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