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SubjectRe: [RFC net-next v3 00/10] net: bridge: mrp: Add support for Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP)
> Lets say that the link between H1 and H2 goes down:
> +------------------------------------------+
> | |
> +-->|H1|<--- / --->|H2|<---------->|H3|<--+
> eth0 eth1 eth0 eth1 eth0 eth1
> H1 will now observe that the test packets it sends on eth1, is not
> received in eth0, meaninf that the ring is open

Hi Allan

Is H1 the only device sending test packets? It is assumed that H2 and
H3 will forward them? Or does each device send test packets, and when
it stops hearing these packets from a neighbour, it assumes the link
is open?


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