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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL 00/13] More EFI updates for v5.6

* Ard Biesheuvel <> wrote:

> > Thanks Ard, I've applied these and the 3 fixes in the second series to
> > tip:efi/core. It all merged nicely and looks good here. Let me know if
> > there's anything amiss.
> Thanks Ingo,
> Apart from the mismatched parens in the commit log of the top commit,
> everything looks fine.

Indeed - and since it was the top commit I amended it, and while at it I
fixed not just the parenthesis error I introduced, but added the right
SHA1 as well:

efi/x86: Disallow efi=old_map in mixed mode


1f299fad1e31: ("efi/x86: Limit EFI old memory map to SGI UV machines")

enabling the old EFI memory map on mixed mode systems
disabled EFI runtime services altogether.

> It does appear that the KASAN fix is not 100% sufficient for mixed
> mode, so I'll need to apply another fix on top there, but we may have
> other things to fix during the cycle so I'll leave that for later.

Sounds good!



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