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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] mtd: spi-nor: keep lock bits if they are non-volatile

To be more explicit:

On Tuesday, January 21, 2020 8:53:20 PM EET Tudor Ambarus wrote:
> Yes but that was the whole idea of this patch. So if I get you correct
> > it is
> > not possible to change that even if:
> >
> > (1) it was never intended that way. Eg. the original patch(es) were
> > about
> > removing the volatile write protection (which makes perfectly sense,
> > even
> > during probe time) to be able to write to the flash. But it was never
> > intended
> > to disable the non-volatile write protection.

Even if this is true, we can't break backward compat.

> >
> > (2) it might be even harmful. It is still an open question wether the
> > write
> > to the non-volatile bits (even if it is the same value) might wear them
> > out.
> > Unfortunately our FAE didn't answered yet..
> >

We'll think about this when we know for sure.

> > (3) it makes the write protection utterly useless, because if you lock
> > the
> > flash it will be automatically unlocked after the next reboot. Even
> > worse, the
> > user likely won't notice it.

Even if this is true, we can't break backward compat.

> Breaking backward compatibility and keeping the locking state of the spi-nor
> flashes at probe is a no-go, because there might be user space apps that
> expect that all the spi-nor flashes are by default unlocked. The unlocking
> of the flash at probe time was introduced 12 years ago, we definitely can't
> change this now.

Kconfig option or module param will fix this without breaking backward compat,
we should focus on this direction.


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