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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 00/18] dmaengine/soc: Add Texas Instruments UDMA support
On 23-12-19, 13:04, Peter Ujfalusi wrote:
> Hi,
> Vinod, Nishanth, Tero, Santosh: the ti_sci patch in this series was sent
> upstream over a month ago:
> I'm still waiting on it's fate (Tero has given his r-b).
> The ti_sci patch did not made it to 5.5-rc1, but I included it in the series and
> let the maintainers decide if it can go via DMAengine for 5.6 or to later
> releases (5.6 probably for the ti_sci and 5.7 for the UDMA driver patch).
> Patch 1-11 is the initial DMA support which can be applied as it is.
> Patch 12-13 adds support for j721e tdtype for ti_sci and the UDMAP driver
> Patch 14-15 exports the currently unexported functions:
> devm_ti_sci_get_of_resource()
> of_msi_get_domain()
> Patch 16-18 makes the ringacc, DMAengine and glue layer buildable as module.
> Changes since v7:
> (

Applied 3-11 after merged tag from Santosh, thanks


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