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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 09/21] KVM: X86: Don't track dirty for KVM_SET_[TSS_ADDR|IDENTITY_MAP_ADDR]
On 21/01/20 16:56, Sean Christopherson wrote:
> This code also needs to be tested by doing unrestricted_guest=0 when
> loading kvm_intel, because it's obviously broken.

... as I had just found out after starting tests on kvm/queue. Unqueued
this patch.


> __x86_set_memory_region()
> takes an "unsigned long *", interpreted as a "pointer to a usersepace
> address", i.e. a "void __user **". But the callers are treating the param
> as a "unsigned long in userpace", e.g. init_rmode_identity_map() declares
> uaddr as an "unsigned long *", when really it should be declaring a
> straight "unsigned long" and passing "&uaddr". The only thing that saves
> KVM from dereferencing a bad pointer in __x86_set_memory_region() is that
> uaddr is initialized to NULL

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