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SubjectRe: [RESEND PATCH v10 06/10] vmx: spp: Set up SPP paging table at vmentry/vmexit
On 10/01/20 18:55, Sean Christopherson wrote:
> Unless there is a *very* good reason for these shenanigans, spp.c needs
> to built via the Makefile like any other source. If this is justified
> for whatever reason, then that justification needs to be very clearly
> stated in the changelog.

Well, this #include is the reason why I moved mmu.c to mmu/spp.c. It
shouldn't be hard to create a mmu_internal.h header for things that have
to be shared between mmu.c and spp.c, but I'm okay with having the
#include "spp.c" for now and cleaning it up later. The spp.c file,
albeit ugly, provides hints as to what to put in that header; without it
it's a pointless exercise.

Note that there isn't anything really VMX specific even in the few vmx_*
functions of spp.c. My suggestion is just to rename them to kvm_mmu_*.


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