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SubjectRe: [PATCH 01/26] docs: i2c: sort index logically

On 20/01/20 10:22, Luca Ceresoli wrote:
> Hi Jean,
> On 20/01/20 10:08, Jean Delvare wrote:
>> Hi Luca,
>> On Sun, 5 Jan 2020 23:49:47 +0100, Luca Ceresoli wrote:
>>> The index page currently lists sections in alphabetical file order without
>>> caring about their content. Sort sections based on their content logically,
>>> according to the following structure:
>>> * Intro to I2C/SMBus and their usage in Linux: summary, i2c-protocol,
>>> smbus-protocol, instantiating-devices, busses/index, i2c-topology,
>>> muxes/i2c-mux-gpio
>>> * Implementing drivers: writing-clients, dev-interface,
>>> dma-considerations, fault-codes, functionality
>>> * Debugging: gpio-fault-injection, i2c-stub
>>> * Slave I2C: slave-interface, slave-eeprom-backend
>>> * Advanced: ten-bit-addresses
>>> * Obsolete info: upgrading-clients, old-module-parameters
>> Good idea. I wonder, would there be a way to materialize these group
>> names in the documentation itself? I found it useful when reviewing the
>> patch, but in the long term it would be even more useful if the end
>> readers would see them too.
> I had the same idea, but didn't find an obvious way to do it with the
> ReST/Sphynx syntax. I have also browsed through a few index pages for
> other subsystems and they all have a flat list too, so for the moment I
> gave up.

The best way I could find is in Documentation/core-api/index.rst
( I don't
like very much how the .rst source looks like, but AFAICT this seems
like "the" way of doing it.

Unless there are better options, I'll try this syntax in v2.


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