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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/2] ARM: dts: Move interconnect target module for omap3 sgx to separate dtsi files
* André Hentschel <> [191230 20:22]:
> Only dm3730 and am3715 come with SGX support

AFAIK dm3730 is just a marketing name for a catalog version of
omap3630. So using omap36xx.dtsi is correct and we should not
change that.

Can you please just add a minimal dm3725.dtsi that your board dts
can include and avoid disabling sgx in the board specific file?
That is assuming you have dm3725 with dsp and isp but no sgx.

You can read the detected SoC with:

# cat /sys/bus/soc/devices/soc0/machine

This avoids somebody (probably me again) patching all over the
board specific files trying to guess which SoC the device might



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