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SubjectRe: [EXT] Re: [v1,net-next, 1/2] ethtool: add setting frame preemption of traffic classes

Murali Karicheri <> writes:


>>> 2) What if I want to use frame preemption with another "transmission selection
>>> algorithm"? Say another one "time sensitive" - CBS? How is it going to be
>>> stacked?
>> I am not seeing any (conceptual*) problems when plugging a cbs (for
>> example) qdisc into one of taprio children. Or, are you talking about a
>> more general problem?
> If I understand it correctly problem is not stacking taprio with cbs,
> but rather pre-emption with other qdiscs and allow configuring
> the parameters such as frag size. How do I use frame pre-emption as
> an independent feature and configure frag size? Ethool appears to be
> better from this point of view as Ivan has mentioned below.

Yeah, after all the discussion here, I think we came to the rough
consensus that ethtool is the best place we have to enable/disable frame
preemption and its configuration knobs.

I just have a few comments to add to the series (sorry for the long


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