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SubjectRe: Fix built-in early-load Intel microcode alignment
On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 11:15 AM Jari Ruusu <> wrote:
> No problem at microcode load time.
> Hard lockup after 1-2 days of use.

That is "interesting".

However, the most likely cause is that you have a borderline dodgy
system, and the microcode update then just triggers a pre-existing

Possibly because of how newer microcode will have things like "VERW
now flushes CPU buffers" etc.

But it might be worth it if the intel people could check up with their
microcode people on this anyway - if there is _one_ report of "my
system locks up with newer ucode", that's one thing. But if Jari isn't

I don't know who the right intel person would be. There's a couple of
Intel people on the cc (and I added one more at random), can you try
to see if somebody would be aware of or interested in that "ucode
problems with i5-7200U (fam 6 model 142 step 9 pf 0x80)"


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