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SubjectRe: [RFC net-next] net: phy: Add basic support for Synopsys XPCS using a PHY driver
Hi Russell,

On Mon, 13 Jan 2020 at 16:19, Russell King - ARM Linux admin
<> wrote:
> I've recently suggested a patch to phylink to add a generic helper to
> read the state from a generic 802.3 clause 37 PCS, but I guess that
> won't be sufficient for an XPCS. However, it should give some clues
> if you're intending to use phylink.

I don't think the PCS implementations out there are sufficiently
similar to be driven by a unified driver, and at least nothing
mandates that for now. Although the configuration interface is MDIO
with registers quasi-compliant to C22 or C45, many times bits in
BMCR/BMSR are not implemented, you can't typically achieve full
functionality [ sometimes not at all ] without writing to some
vendor-specific registers, there might be errata workarounds that need
to be implemented through PCS writes, often the PCS driver needs to be
correlated with a MMIO region corresponding to that SerDes lane for
stuff such as eye parameters.
The code duplication isn't even all that bad.

_But_ I am not sure how PHYLINK comes into play here. A PHY driver
should work with the plain PHY library too. Dealing with clause 73
autoneg indicates to me that this is more than just a MAC PCS,
therefore it shouldn't be tied in with PHYLINK.


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