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Subject[tip: x86/cache] x86/resctrl: Do not reconfigure exiting tasks
The following commit has been merged into the x86/cache branch of tip:

Commit-ID: dc433797c6f639e46824585bbf943578f13d54bf
Author: Xiaochen Shen <>
AuthorDate: Thu, 09 Jan 2020 00:13:46 +08:00
Committer: Borislav Petkov <>
CommitterDate: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 14:10:21 +01:00

x86/resctrl: Do not reconfigure exiting tasks

When writing a pid to file "tasks", a callback function move_myself() is
queued to this task to be called when the task returns from kernel mode
or exits. The purpose of move_myself() is to activate the newly assigned
closid and/or rmid associated with this task. This activation is done by
calling resctrl_sched_in() from move_myself(), the same function that is
called when switching to this task.

If this work is successfully queued but then the task enters PF_EXITING
status (e.g., receiving signal SIGKILL, SIGTERM) prior to the
execution of the callback move_myself(), move_myself() still calls
resctrl_sched_in() since the task status is not currently considered.

When a task is exiting, the data structure of the task itself will
be freed soon. Calling resctrl_sched_in() to write the register that
controls the task's resources is unnecessary and it implies extra
performance overhead.

Add check on task status in move_myself() and return immediately if the
task is PF_EXITING.

[ bp: Massage. ]

Signed-off-by: Xiaochen Shen <>
Signed-off-by: Borislav Petkov <>
Reviewed-by: Reinette Chatre <>
arch/x86/kernel/cpu/resctrl/rdtgroup.c | 4 ++++
1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)

diff --git a/arch/x86/kernel/cpu/resctrl/rdtgroup.c b/arch/x86/kernel/cpu/resctrl/rdtgroup.c
index 2e3b06d..205925d 100644
--- a/arch/x86/kernel/cpu/resctrl/rdtgroup.c
+++ b/arch/x86/kernel/cpu/resctrl/rdtgroup.c
@@ -532,11 +532,15 @@ static void move_myself(struct callback_head *head)

+ if (unlikely(current->flags & PF_EXITING))
+ goto out;
/* update PQR_ASSOC MSR to make resource group go into effect */


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