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Subject[PATCH net 0/7] net: stmmac: general fixes for Ethernet functionality
Patch-series that fixes couple of issues in stmmac:-

1/7: It fixes the incorrect setting of Rx Tail Pointer. Rx Tail Pointer
should points to the last valid descriptor that was replenished by

2/7: It ensures that the real_num_rx|tx_queues are set in both driver
probe() and resume(). So, move the netif_set_real_num_rx|tx_queues()
into stmmac_hw_setup().

3/7: It fixes missing netdev->features = features update in

4/7: It fixes incorrect MACRO function defininition for TX and RX user
priority queue steering for queue > 3.

5/7: It ensures that the previous value of GMAC_VLAN_TAG register is
read first before for updating the register.

6/7: It ensures the GMAC IP v4.xx and above behaves correctly to:-
ip link set <devname> multicast off|on

7/7: It ensures PCI platform data is using plat->phy_interface.

Boon Leong

Aashish Verma (1):
net: stmmac: Fix incorrect location to set real_num_rx|tx_queues

Ong Boon Leong (2):
net: stmmac: fix error in updating rx tail pointer to last free entry
net: stmmac: fix missing netdev->features in stmmac_set_features

Tan, Tee Min (1):
net: stmmac: fix incorrect GMAC_VLAN_TAG register writting

Verma, Aashish (1):
net: stmmac: fix missing IFF_MULTICAST check in dwmac4_set_filter

Voon Weifeng (2):
net: stmmac: Fix priority steering for tx/rx queue >3
net: stmmac: update pci platform data to use phy_interface

drivers/net/ethernet/stmicro/stmmac/dwmac4.h | 10 ++++++----
drivers/net/ethernet/stmicro/stmmac/dwmac4_core.c | 9 +++++----
drivers/net/ethernet/stmicro/stmmac/stmmac_main.c | 16 ++++++++++------
drivers/net/ethernet/stmicro/stmmac/stmmac_pci.c | 14 ++++++++------
4 files changed, 29 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-)


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