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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1] arch_topology: Adjust initial CPU capacities with current freq
Hi Robin,

On 01/11/2020 11:12 PM, Robin Murphy wrote:
> Actually, last time I looked both the BSP U-Boot and mainline do contain
> equivalent code to initialise both PLLs to (IIRC) 600MHz and apparently
> adjust a couple of other things set by the maskrom. The trap is that
> mainline does it in the SPL - thus the unfortunately common combination
> of using the upstream main stage with the miniloader ends up missing out
> that step entirely. In comparison, I'm now using the full upstream
> TPL/SPL flow on my RK3399 board (NanoPC-T4) and even a full generic
> distro kernel is acceptably quick:
> [ 2.315378] Trying to unpack rootfs image as initramfs...
> [ 2.781747] Freeing initrd memory: 7316K
> ...
> [ 4.239990] Freeing unused kernel memory: 1984K
> [ 4.247829] Run /init as init process

Oops, sorry for the noise, i've checked in the wrong u-boot code base...

Will ask miniloader team to check that, thanks :)

> Robin.

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