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SubjectRe: [RFC net-next Patch 0/3] net: bridge: mrp: Add support for Media Redundancy Protocol(MRP)
> > Horatiu, could you also give some references to the frames that need
> > to be sent. I've no idea what information they need to contain, if the
> > contents is dynamic, or static, etc.
> It is dynamic - but trivial...

If it is trivial, i don't see why you are so worried about abstracting

> Here is a dump from WireShark with
> annotation on what our HW can update:
> Ethernet II, Src: 7a:8b:b1:35:96:e1 (7a:8b:b1:35:96:e1), Dst: Iec_00:00:01 (01:15:4e:00:00:01)
> Destination: Iec_00:00:01 (01:15:4e:00:00:01)
> Source: 7a:8b:b1:35:96:e1 (7a:8b:b1:35:96:e1)
> Type: MRP (0x88e3)
> MRP_Version: 1
> MRP_TLVHeader.Type: MRP_Test (0x02)
> MRP_TLVHeader.Type: MRP_Test (0x02)
> MRP_TLVHeader.Length: 18
> MRP_Prio: 0x1f40 High priorities
> MRP_SA: 7a:8b:b1:35:96:e1 (7a:8b:b1:35:96:e1)
> MRP_PortRole: Primary ring port (0x0000)
> MRP_RingState: Ring closed (0x0001)
> MRP_Transition: 0x0001
> MRP_TimeStamp [ms]: 0x000cf574 <---------- Updated automatic
> MRP_TLVHeader.Type: MRP_Common (0x01)
> MRP_TLVHeader.Type: MRP_Common (0x01)
> MRP_TLVHeader.Length: 18
> MRP_SequenceID: 0x00e9 <---------- Updated automatic
> MRP_DomainUUID: ffffffff-ffff-ffff-ffff-ffffffffffff
> MRP_TLVHeader.Type: MRP_End (0x00)
> MRP_TLVHeader.Type: MRP_End (0x00)
> MRP_TLVHeader.Length: 0
> But all the fields can change, but to change the other fields we need to
> interact with the HW. Other SoC may have other capabilities in their
> offload. As an example, if the ring becomes open then the fields
> MRP_RingState and MRP_Transition need to change and in our case this
> requires SW interference.

Isn't SW always required? You need to tell your state machine that the
state has changed.

> Would you like a PCAP file as an example? Or do you want a better
> description of the frame format.

I was hoping for a link to an RFC, or some standards document.


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