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SubjectRe: [alsa-devel] [PATCH 6/6] soundwire: stream: don't program ports for a stream that has not been prepared

>> GitHub issue:
> This is not relevant for kernel, pls remove

Why? it's not uncommon to have bugzilla links, why would we lose the
publicly-available information because GitHub is used?

>> list_for_each_entry(m_rt, &bus->m_rt_list, bus_node) {
>> +
>> + /*
>> + * this loop walks through all master runtimes for a
>> + * bus, but the ports can only be configured while
>> + * explicitly preparing a stream or handling an
>> + * already-prepared stream otherwise.
> we can go upto 80 chars, make sure you align the above comment block as
> such

this is formatted by emacs, and with long words you get spaces at the end.

>> /* Program params */
>> - ret = sdw_program_params(bus);
>> + ret = sdw_program_params(bus, false);
> Can you do a converse test as well, when the streams are running and
> concurrently two stream are stopped, it would be good to get it confirmed...

we cannot concurrently stop two streams since we take a bus lock. That's
a problem but it'll have to be addressed separately. the problem with
multiple streams addressed here is when one is CONFIGURED, which does
not require a bus lock.

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