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SubjectRe: [alsa-devel] [PATCH v5 09/17] soundwire: intel: remove platform devices and use 'Master Devices' instead

>>> The "big" difference is that probe is called by core (asoc) and not by
>>> driver onto themselves.. IMO that needs to go away.
>> What I did is not different from what existed already with platform devices.
>> They were manually created, weren't they?
> Manual creation of device based on a requirement is different, did I ask
> you why you are creating device :)
> I am simple asking you not to call probe in the driver. If you need
> that, move it to core! We do not want these kind of things in the
> drivers...

What core are you talking about?

The SOF intel driver needs to create a device, which will then be bound
with a SoundWire master driver.

What I am doing is no different from what your team did with
platform_register_device, I am really lost on what you are asking.

>>>> FWIW, the implementation here follows what was suggested for Greybus 'Host
>>>> Devices' [1] [2], so it's not like I am creating any sort of dangerous
>>>> precedent.
>>>> [1]
>>>> [2]
>>> And if you look closely all this work is done by core not by drivers!
>>> Drivers _should_ never do all this, it is the job of core to do that for
>>> you.
>> Please look at the code again, you have a USB probe that will manually call
>> the GreyBus device creation.
>> static int ap_probe(struct usb_interface *interface,
>> const struct usb_device_id *id)
>> {
>> hd = gb_hd_create(&es2_driver, &udev->dev,
>> static struct usb_driver es2_ap_driver = {
>> .name = "es2_ap_driver",
>> .probe = ap_probe, <<< code above
>> .disconnect = ap_disconnect,
>> .id_table = id_table,
>> .soft_unbind = 1,
>> };
> Look closely the driver es2 calls into greybus core hd.c and gets the
> work done, subtle but a big differances in the approaches..

I am sorry, I have absolutely no idea what you are referring to.

The code I copy/pasted here makes no call to the greybus core, it's
ap_probe -> gb_hd_create. No core involved. If I am mistaken, please
show me what I got wrong.

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