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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4.19 19/57] Bluetooth: hidp: Let hidp_send_message return number of queued bytes

> [ Upstream commit 48d9cc9d85dde37c87abb7ac9bbec6598ba44b56 ]
> Let hidp_send_message return the number of successfully queued bytes
> instead of an unconditional 0.
> With the return value fixed to 0, other drivers relying on hidp, such as
> hidraw, can not return meaningful values from their respective
> implementations of write(). In particular, with the current behavior, a
> hidraw device's write() will have different return values depending on
> whether the device is connected via USB or Bluetooth, which makes it
> harder to abstract away the transport layer.

So, does this change any actual behaviour?

Is it fixing a bug, or is it just preparation for a patch that is not
going to make it to stable?

(cesky, pictures)
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