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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/4] mmc: Add virtual command queue support
On 6/09/19 6:52 AM, Baolin Wang wrote:
> Now the MMC read/write stack will always wait for previous request is
> completed by mmc_blk_rw_wait(), before sending a new request to hardware,
> or queue a work to complete request, that will bring context switching
> overhead, especially for high I/O per second rates, to affect the IO
> performance.
> Thus this patch introduces virtual command queue interface, which is
> similar with the hardware command queue engine's idea, that can remove
> the context switching.

CQHCI is a hardware interface for eMMC's that support command queuing. What
you are doing is a software issue queue, unrelated to CQHCI. I think you
should avoid all reference to CQHCI i.e. call it something else.

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