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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/5] fs: Add support for an O_MAYEXEC flag on sys_open()
* Jeff Layton:

> Even better would be to declare the new flag in some openat2-only flag
> space, so there's no confusion about it being supported by legacy open
> calls.

Isn't that desirable anyway because otherwise fcntl with F_GETFL will
give really confusing results?

> If glibc wants to implement an open -> openat2 wrapper in userland
> later, it can set that flag in the wrapper implicitly to emulate the old
> behavior.

I see us rather doing the opposite, i.e. implement openat2 with
non-exotic flags using openat. But we've bitten by this in the past, so
maybe that's not such a great idea. It's tempting to make the same
mistake again for every new system call.


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