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SubjectRe: dma_mmap_fault discussion
On 9/6/19 8:32 AM, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 05, 2019 at 07:05:43PM +0200, Thomas Hellström (VMware) wrote:
>> I took a quick look at the interfaces and have two questions:
>> 1) dma_mmap_prepare(), would it be possible to drop the references to the
>> actual coherent region? The thing is that TTM doesn't know at mmap time what
>> memory will be backing the region. It can be VRAM, coherent memory or system
> I guess we can shift the argument checking into the fault handler.
>> 2) @cpu_addr and @dma_addr are the values pointing at the beginning of an
>> allocated chunk, right?
> Yes.
>> The reason I'm asking is that TTM's coherent memory
>> pool is sub-allocating from larger chunks into smaller PAGE_SIZE chunks,
>> which means that a TTM buffer object may be randomly split across larger
>> chunks, which means we have to store these values for each PAGE_SiZE chunk.
> For implementations that remap non-contigous regions using vmap we need the
> start cpu address passed, as that is used to find the vm_struct structure
> for it. That being said I don't see a problem with you keeping track
> of the original start and offset into in your suballocation helpers.

It's definitely possible. I was just wondering whether it was necessary,
but it seems like it.



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