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SubjectRe: Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board Elections -- Call for nominations

> On Aug 28, 2019, at 1:48 PM, Laura Abbott <> wrote:
>> On Aug 9, 2019, at 2:26 AM, Laura Abbott <> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> Friendly reminder that the TAB elections are coming soon:
>> The Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board (TAB) serves as the
>> interface between the kernel development community and the Linux
>> Foundation. The TAB advises the Foundation on kernel-related matters,
>> helps member companies learn to work with the community, and works to
>> resolve community-related problems before they get out of hand. We
>> also support the Code of Conduct committee in their mission.
>> The board has ten members, one of whom sits on the Linux Foundation
>> board of directors.
>> The election to select five TAB members will be held at the 2019 Kernel Summit
>> in Lisbon, Portugal September 9-11. As has been announced[2], we are moving to
>> an electronic voting system this year. Further details about the exact voting
>> procedures will be coming soon. Anyone is eligible to stand for election,
>> simply send your nomination to:
>> tech-board-discuss at
>> With your nomination, please include a short candidate statement. This candidate
>> statement should focus on why you are running and what you hope to accomplish
>> on the TAB. We will be collecting these statements and making them publicly
>> available.
>> The deadline for receiving nominations is 9am GMT+1 on September 9th (the first
>> day of Kernel Summit). Due to the use of electronic voting, this will be a hard
>> deadline!
>> Current TAB members, and their election year:
>> Jon Corbet 2017
>> Greg Kroah-Hartman 2017
>> Steven Rostedt 2017
>> Ted Tso 2017
>> Tim Bird 2017
>> Chris Mason 2018
>> Laura Abbott 2018
>> Olof Johansson 2018
>> Kees Cook 2018
>> Dan Williams 2018
>> The five slots from 2017 are all up for election. As always, please
>> let us know if you have questions, and please do consider running.
>> Thanks,
>> Laura
>> [1] TAB members sit for a term of two years, and half of the board is
>> up for election every year. Five of the seats are up for election now.
>> The other five are halfway through their term and will be up for
>> election next year.
>> [2]
> Reminder to send in your candidate statements, the current ones are
> available at

Final reminder, the deadline is Monday September 9th at 9am UTC+1
(that's 9am Lisbon time). Because we are doing electronic voting this is a hard deadline!
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