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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 02/17] arm64, hibernate: use get_safe_page directly
On Fri, Sep 6, 2019 at 11:17 AM James Morse <> wrote:
> Hi Pavel,
> Nit: The pattern for the subject prefix should be "arm64: hibernate:"..
> Its usually possible to spot the pattern from "git log --oneline $file".

Sure, I will change here and in other places to "arm64: hibernate:"

> On 21/08/2019 19:31, Pavel Tatashin wrote:
> > create_safe_exec_page is a local function that uses the
> > get_safe_page() to allocate page table and pages and one pages
> > that is getting mapped.
> I can't parse this.
> create_safe_exec_page() uses hibernate's allocator to create a set of page table to map a
> single page that will contain the relocation code.

Thanks I will rephrase it with your suggestion.

> > Remove the allocator related arguments, and use get_safe_page
> > directly, as it is done in other local functions in this
> > file.
> ... because kexec can't use this as it doesn't have a working allocator.
> Removing this function pointer makes it easier to refactor the code later.

Thanks, I will add it to the description.

> (this thing is only a function pointer so kexec could use it too ... It looks like you're
> creating extra work. Patch 7 moves these new calls out to a new file... presumably so
> another patch can remove them again)
> As stand-alone cleanup the patch looks fine, but you probably don't need to do this.

Without this clean-up moving to common code becomes messier. So, I
would like to keep this change.

Thank you,

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