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SubjectRe: [PATCH V2 1/2] clk: imx8mm: Move 1443X/1416X PLL clock structure to common place
On 06.09.2019 04:35, Anson Huang wrote:
> Many i.MX8M SoCs use same 1443X/1416X PLL, such as i.MX8MM,
> i.MX8MN and later i.MX8M SoCs, moving these PLL definitions
> to pll14xx driver can save a lot of duplicated code on each
> platform.
> Meanwhile, no need to define PLL clock structure for every
> module which uses same type of PLL, e.g., audio/video/dram use
> 1443X PLL, arm/gpu/vpu/sys use 1416X PLL, define 2 PLL clock
> structure for each group is enough. >
> Signed-off-by: Anson Huang <>

For both:
Reviewed-by: Leonard Crestez <>

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