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SubjectRE: [RFC net-next v2 4/5] net: phy: introducing support for DWC xPCS logics for EHL & TGL
From: Ong Boon Leong <>
Date: Aug/28/2019, 18:47:21 (UTC+00:00)

> xPCS is DWC Ethernet Physical Coding Sublayer that can be integrated with
> Ethernet MAC controller and acts as converter between GMII and SGMII.

You have to be careful here because xPCS supports much more than these
interfaces and speeds.

I would implement this thinking about the future integrations and
leaving margin for more speeds.

As for this being a converter I'm not sure about the implementation
logic because sometimes you can have a setup like:

MAC <-> xPCS <-> SERDES <-> SFP

SERDES and SFP may not require configuration nor even have MDIO access
so in my view the "PHY" would then be the xPCS, no ?

Jose Miguel Abreu

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