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SubjectRe: [PATCH V7 1/3] mm/hotplug: Reorder memblock_[free|remove]() calls in try_remove_memory()

On 09/04/2019 01:46 PM, David Hildenbrand wrote:
> On 03.09.19 11:45, Anshuman Khandual wrote:
>> Memory hot remove uses get_nid_for_pfn() while tearing down linked sysfs
>> entries between memory block and node. It first checks pfn validity with
>> pfn_valid_within() before fetching nid. With CONFIG_HOLES_IN_ZONE config
>> (arm64 has this enabled) pfn_valid_within() calls pfn_valid().
>> pfn_valid() is an arch implementation on arm64 (CONFIG_HAVE_ARCH_PFN_VALID)
>> which scans all mapped memblock regions with memblock_is_map_memory(). This
>> creates a problem in memory hot remove path which has already removed given
>> memory range from memory block with memblock_[remove|free] before arriving
>> at unregister_mem_sect_under_nodes(). Hence get_nid_for_pfn() returns -1
>> skipping subsequent sysfs_remove_link() calls leaving node <-> memory block
>> sysfs entries as is. Subsequent memory add operation hits BUG_ON() because
>> of existing sysfs entries.
> Since
> commit 60bb462fc7adb06ebee3beb5a4af6c7e6182e248
> Author: David Hildenbrand <>
> Date: Wed Aug 28 13:57:15 2019 +1000
> drivers/base/node.c: simplify unregister_memory_block_under_nodes()
> that problem should be gone. There is no get_nid_for_pfn() call anymore.

Yes, the problem is gone. The above commit is still not present on arm64
tree against which this series was rebased and tested while posting.

> So this patch should no longer be necessary - but as I said during
> earlier versions of this patch, the re-ordering might still make sense
> for consistency (removing stuff in the reverse order they were added).
> You'll have to rephrase the description then.

Sure will reword the commit message on these lines.

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