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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/4] Have TTM support SEV encryption with coherent memory
On 9/3/19 3:15 PM, Thomas Hellström (VMware) wrote:
> With SEV memory encryption and in some cases also with SME memory
> encryption, coherent memory is unencrypted. In those cases, TTM doesn't
> set up the correct page protection. Fix this by having the TTM
> coherent page allocator call into the platform code to determine whether
> coherent memory is encrypted or not, and modify the page protection if
> it is not.
> v2:
> - Use force_dma_unencrypted() rather than sev_active() to catch also the
> special SME encryption cases.

So, this patchset is obviously withdrawn since

a) We shouldn't have TTM shortcut the dma API in this way.
b) To reviewers it was pretty unclear why this was needed in the first
place, and became
even more unclear in the context of the TTM fault handler.

I've just send out an RFC patchset that basically does the same but in
the context of dma_mmap_coherent() I hope this clears things up and we
should hopefully be able to use a new
dma API function from within the TTM fault handler.



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