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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/4] Add binder state and statistics to binderfs
On September 4, 2019 7:19:35 AM EDT, Christian Brauner
<> wrote:
>On Tue, Sep 03, 2019 at 09:16:51AM -0700, Hridya Valsaraju wrote:
>> Currently, the only way to access binder state and
>> statistics is through debugfs. We need a way to
>> access the same even when debugfs is not mounted.
>> These patches add a mount option to make this
>> information available in binderfs without affecting
>> its presence in debugfs. The following debugfs nodes
>> will be made available in a binderfs instance when
>> mounted with the mount option 'stats=global' or 'stats=local'.
>> /sys/kernel/debug/binder/failed_transaction_log
>> /sys/kernel/debug/binder/proc
>> /sys/kernel/debug/binder/state
>> /sys/kernel/debug/binder/stats
>> /sys/kernel/debug/binder/transaction_log
>> /sys/kernel/debug/binder/transactions
>Acked-by: Christian Brauner <>
>Btw, I think your counting is off-by-one. :) We usually count the
>initial send of a series as 0 and the first rework of that series as
>I think you counted your initial send as v1 and the first rework as v2.

Which is fine. I have done it both ways. Is this a rule written somewhere?


If I am not mistaken, this is Hridya's first set of kernel patches.
Congrats on landing it upstream and to everyone for reviews! (assuming
nothing falls apart on the way to Linus tree).


- Joel

My first kernel patch was 10 years ago to a WiFi driver when I was an
intern at University. I was thrilled to have fixed a bug in network
bridging code in the 802.11s stack. This is always a special moment so
congrats again! ;-)

>> Hridya Valsaraju (4):
>> binder: add a mount option to show global stats
>> binder: Add stats, state and transactions files
>> binder: Make transaction_log available in binderfs
>> binder: Add binder_proc logging to binderfs
>> drivers/android/binder.c | 95 ++++++-----
>> drivers/android/binder_internal.h | 84 ++++++++++
>> drivers/android/binderfs.c | 255
>> 3 files changed, 362 insertions(+), 72 deletions(-)
>> --

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