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SubjectRe: "fs/namei.c: keep track of nd->root refcount status" causes boot panic
On Mon, Sep 2, 2019 at 9:22 PM Qian Cai <> wrote:
> The linux-next commit "fs/namei.c: keep track of nd->root refcount status” [1] causes boot panic on all
> architectures here on today’s linux-next (0902). Reverted it will fix the issue.

I believe I'm seeing the same issue with next-20190902 in a Linux VM
running on Hyper-V (next-20190830 is good).

git-bisect points to the same commit in linux-next:
e013ec23b823 ("fs/namei.c: keep track of nd->root refcount status")

I can reproduce the issue every time I reboot the system.


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