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SubjectRe: [RFC 08/12] media: hantro: Fix H264 decoding of field encoded content
On 2019-09-03 17:01, Philipp Zabel wrote:
> On Tue, 2019-09-03 at 14:02 +0000, Jonas Karlman wrote:
>> On 2019-09-03 15:21, Philipp Zabel wrote:
>>> On Sun, 2019-09-01 at 12:45 +0000, Jonas Karlman wrote:
>>>> This need code cleanup and formatting
>>>> Signed-off-by: Jonas Karlman <>
>>> The previous patches all work, but this patch breaks decoding of
>>> progressive content for me (i.MX8MQ with FFmpeg based on Ezequiel's
>>> branch).
>> Please try with ffmpeg based on my v4l2-request-hwaccel-4.0.4-hantro branch at [1],
>> up to and including the commit "HACK: add dpb flags for reference usage and field picture".
>> That commit adds code to set reference flags needed by the changes in this patch.
>> There is probably also some other minor difference between our two ffmpeg branches.
>> I have not observed any issues with progressive content with this patch and my ffmpeg branch (on a RK3288 device).
>> Some H264 reference samples do have visual issues after this patch, however all my real world samples does seem to work.
>> My branch use libudev to probe media/video devices and needs to be configured with:
>> --enable-v4l2-request --enable-libudev --enable-libdrm
>> [1]
> I hadn't realized that this is a backwards incompatible change. With
> your branch rebased onto n4.2, and this patch applied, decoding seems to
> work.

Nor did I, thanks for testing and verifying, I will try to reduce breaking changes in a v2.


> regards
> Philipp

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