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SubjectRe: [PATCH 8/8] x86/platform/uv: Account for UV Hubless in is_uvX_hub Ops

On 9/3/2019 9:19 AM, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 02, 2019 at 07:18:23PM -0500, Mike Travis wrote:
> All these ifdefs are dead code, please just remove them.

Those ifdefs are not dead code and are being actively used. Plus UV1
support is dead and I think the last running system died about a year
ago and no support or parts are available. So undef'ing these macros
will simplify and reduce the size of the object code.

> Also it seems like at least the various mmr macros just check
> for a specific version, I think you are much better off just
> using a switch statement for the possible revisions there.
>> + return (uv_hub_info->hub_revision == UV4A_HUB_REVISION_BASE);

The problem is those revision bases can change if a UV HUB revision
changes. That is why there are ranges and why I'm converting them to
"uv_type". Some UV kernel source code still needs to know the exact HUB
revision, like (again) hwperf.

> And none of these braces are required.

Sure, I can take those out now, but usually I then get bit by
checkpatches which then says "parenthesis's are required".

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