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SubjectRe: IWL AC 8260, kernel 5.3.*, many kernel WARNING
Norbert Preining schreef op vr 27-09-2019 om 10:04 [+0900]:
> Sep 27 09:08:35 burischnitzel kernel: WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 525 at iwl_mvm_rx_umac_scan_complete_notif.cold+0xc/0x13 [iwlmvm]
> [...]
> This repeats a few times (2-4) and then it settles down.
> WIFI works without any problems, though.

This made me check my logs. It turns out that in my current v5.3.1 session
(now in its fifth day) there are 128 of these warnings. In my case the warning
also mentions

My previous session (v5.3.0) accumulated 162 of these warnings in about six
days, while the session before that (v5.2.y) showed none.

Just like in Norbert's case, wifi appears to work fine.

Paul Bolle

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