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SubjectRe: [PATCH] compiler: enable CONFIG_OPTIMIZE_INLINING forcibly
On Fri, 2019-08-30 at 12:43 +0900, Masahiro Yamada wrote:
> Commit 9012d011660e ("compiler: allow all arches to enable
> CONFIG_OPTIMIZE_INLINING") allowed all architectures to enable
> this option. A couple of build errors were reported by randconfig,
> but all of them have been ironed out.
> Towards the goal of removing CONFIG_OPTIMIZE_INLINING entirely
> (and it will simplify the 'inline' macro in compiler_types.h),
> this commit changes it to always-on option. Going forward, the
> compiler will always be allowed to not inline functions marked
> 'inline'.
> This is not a problem for x86 since it has been long used by
> arch/x86/configs/{x86_64,i386}_defconfig.
> I am keeping the config option just in case any problem crops up for
> other architectures.
> The code clean-up will be done after confirming this is solid.
> Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <>

[ Adding some ARM people as they might be able to help ]

This was found to cause a regression on a Raspberry Pi 2 B built with
bcm2835_defconfig which among other things has no SMP support.

The relevant logs (edited to remove the noise) are:

[ 5.827333] Run /init as init process
Loading, please wait...
Failed to set SO_PASSCRED: Bad address
Failed to bind netlink socket: Bad address
Failed to create manager: Bad address
Failed to set SO_PASSCRED: Bad address
[ 9.021623] systemd[1]: SO_PASSCRED failed: Bad address
[!!!!!!] Failed to start up manager.
[ 9.079148] systemd[1]: Freezing execution.

I looked into it, it turns out that the call to get_user() in sock_setsockopt()
is returning -EFAULT. Down the assembly rabbit hole that get_user() is I
found-out that it's the macro 'check_uaccess' who's triggering the error.

I'm clueless at this point, so I hope you can give me some hints on what's
going bad here.


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