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SubjectRe: [PATCH] riscv: move flush_icache_range/user_range() after flush_icache_all()

On 2019/9/26 14:52, Andreas Schwab wrote:
> Andreas.
Hi Andreas, my change is wrong.

For no SMP, lkdtm built ok because flush_icache_all() is defined as local_flush_icache_all() macro,
but for SMP, the reason of build error is that flush_icache_all() implementation is not exported as
you mentioned in your patch, and this does make allmodconfig broken.

LKDTM is used to test the different dumping mechanisms by inducing system failures at predefined
crash points, riscv will enable kernel dump in the future, this module is useful to test this mechanism.

so, it's necessary to fix it, right, any comment, thanks.

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