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Subject[OFFTOPIC] New OS
After the bloatware that all modern OSs have become. I've been
developing new computer science to make a new OS. This OS may be
provably optimal. How?

* New CS reveals that architected code reduces code size to 100 log2
non-architected_LOC. What is architected code? Architecture is the
complementary opposite of software engineering, the focus of most OSs.
Like properly-architected buildings, a well-engineered building isn't
necessarily efficient AT ALL for its overall usage. This puts the
capstone on the field of software development and creates a new eon of
computer and data science.
* Language expressivity is measurable. Termed Kolmogorov Quotient,
there is now an equation to measure the utility of languages -- an end
to the language wars.
* There is now a unified object architecture (called the GOOP: gospel
of object-oriented programming), so that OOP can realize it`s goals.
Along with proper architecture, this allows giants like Office
applications to be built in 20K instead of 20M. All objects are apps
and all apps are objects. All objects have the same API, creating a
data ecosystem of reuseable objects throughout the whole OS.
* Since the internet is now the norm, P2P is built into its design.
Objects are shared across the network, and each object hold metadata
that includes their paypal account, allowing them to be paid each time
the object is instantiated. Now F/OSS programmers can get paid!
* There is no need for a compiler; to be explained later. The OS
does it for you using an optimized language design.

The millions of lines of driver code shows that architecture is faulty
or lacking, probably in hardware. Processor geometries should be
figured out, such that tetrahedral GPU cores, for example, can handle
3d modeling properly.

Full disclaimer, I don't have one line of code yet. I'm waiting for
assembly to and my development platform to stabilize. But once a
basic prompt is available, objects can be created easily and a whole
system can emerge with very little effort, much like UNIX did back in
the day.

Sorry for the post, but I know there's someone out there who can use it.


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