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Subject[PATCH V3 1/1] tick: broadcast-hrtimer: Fix a race in bc_set_next

> I which way is this backtrace giving any useful information about the problem?

The intention of me including the callstack was to help anyone notice
this commit while searching using the prints from the callstack. I have
removed it if it is creating noise.

> Interesting. You claim authorship on that patch and then you put my
> SOB after yours just because you feel entitled to do so?

Apologies for that. My limited experience with sharing patches upstream
for review and fixing it, was the reason for that. I have included the
"Originally-by" in the updated patch shared.

> 1) Write a changelog which explains why the change is actually correct
Done. Please check the update. Let me know if I need to add more

> 2) Not wreckage the formatting which I intentionally did for
> readability sake

> 3) Add 'Originally-by: Thomas Gleixner' or at least having the courtesy to
> mention that this is not your work.


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