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Subject[PATCH 0/7] intel-speed-select: Add CascadeLake-N support
Add support for SST-BF on CascadeLake-N support.  The CascadeLake-N
processor only support SST-BF and not other SST functionality.

Prarit Bhargava (7):
intel-speed-select: Add int argument to command functions
intel-speed-select: Make process_command generic
intel-speed-select: Add check for CascadeLake-N models
intel-speed-select: Add configuration for CascadeLake-N
intel-speed-select: Implement CascadeLake-N help and command functions
intel-speed-select: Implement 'perf-profile info' on CascadeLake-N
intel-speed-select: Implement base-freq commands on CascadeLake-N

.../x86/intel-speed-select/isst-config.c | 443 ++++++++++++------
.../x86/intel-speed-select/isst-display.c | 28 +-
tools/power/x86/intel-speed-select/isst.h | 8 +-
3 files changed, 319 insertions(+), 160 deletions(-)


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